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The Essential Means of Grace

Author: Paul Washer

Narrator: Tom Parks

Lengh: 1 hour, 49 min

Available on: August 1, 2022

Sign up by: October 31, 2022

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Too often, Christians wait for some extraordinary move of the Spirit to correct all their spiritual ills. Although such a revival is possible, it is not the way God ordinarily grows His church.

In The Essential Means of Grace, Paul Washer considers the three prominent gifts God provided for growth in godliness: the Scriptures, prayer, and participation in the life and ministry of the local church.

Our desire for the extraordinary should never lead us to neglect the ordinary. Rather, let us devote ourselves to these ordinary means of grace in dependence upon the Spirit for an extraordinary conformity and usefulness to Christ.

Parenting Generation Screen: Guiding Your Kids to Be Wise in a Digital World

Author: Jonathan McKee

Narrator: Jonathan McKee

Lengh: 3 hours, 34 min

Available on: August 1, 2022

Sign up by: October 31, 2022

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What Every Parent Needs to Know about Screens and Their Kids Maybe your kids are like many others―glued to their smartphones, social media, and streaming entertainment. While we know excessive screen time, especially social media, isn’t healthy, how do we teach our kids to become screenwise?

Prioritizing connection over correction, Parenting Generation Screen equips you with key questions and conversations to help you process screen limits with and for your kids. You’ll learn how to dialogue in meaningful ways about social media, entertainment, and screen time so they learn to be wise in the digital world.

Jonathan McKee speaks and writes worldwide about technology and social media for families―and has three kids of his own. He addresses such questions as: At what age should my child get a phone or screen? Can my kid have a phone in their bedroom? How does social media affect my teen’s mental health and sleep? What dangers are really lurking on social media? How can I best use parental controls?

In this extremely practical book, you’ll gain confidence and find answers you need to set boundaries, guide your kids, and help them navigate the digital landscape.

When the Stars Disappear: Help and Hope from Stories of Suffering in Scripture (Suffering and the Christian Life, Volume 1

Author: Mark Talbot

Narrator: Joe Geoffrey

Lengh: 3 hours, 44 min

Available on: August 1, 2022

Sign up by: October 31, 2022

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When suffering overwhelms us, it is easy to despair and even doubt God’s goodness. As the clouds of suffering roll in, we can lose sight of everything but our pain. In these moments, when the stars disappear, we must turn to Scripture to find assurance that God can and will carry us through. In this book, Mark Talbot recounts the suffering of some of the Bible’s greatest saints. They show us what it means to remain faithful and hopeful through life’s darkest times―and thus help us cling to God’s sure promise that he will never leave us or forsake us but will be with us and sustain us until the storms subside and the stars reappear.

The Beatles, the Bible, and Bodega Bay

Author: Ken Mansfield

Narrator: Gabe Wicks

Lengh: 6 hours, 47 min

Available on: August 1, 2022

Sign up by: October 31, 2022

Review Title


The Beatles, the Bible and Bodega Bay presents two portraits: the young man in London on top of the Apple building (and on top of the world!) as he watches the Beatles perform for the last time, and the older man on a remote Sonoma beach on his knees looking out to sea and into the heart of his Creator. The former Capital Records executive shares his reflections and commentary on the Fab Four, through the lens of his current Christian faith, in a personal and powerful memoir of God’s transforming love.

Because of Ken’s personal relationship, respect, and loyalty to Apple and the Beatles he sought all necessary official and personal approvals from Capitol, Apple, and each of the Beatles, including Yoko on John’s behalf. At the time of the original release of The Beatles, The Bible and Bodega Bay he was informed that, outside of their own anthology, this was the only book approved by them. Once again, out of that same respect there have been no changes or updates — the content before you is exactly the same as the original book.

These are the thoughts and events exactly as they were happening then…a unique insider’s look at a time that will never exist again.

Countercultural Parenting: Building Character in a World of Compromise

Author: Lee Nienhuis

Narrator: Charity Spencer

Lengh: 6 hours, 35 min

Available on: August 1, 2022

Sign up by: October 31, 2022

Review Title


Change can happen in our culture. It can happen in our home and in our children. But it starts with us. Amorality, dishonesty, discontent—you want your children to reject today’s norms in favor of values like integrity, wisdom, and forgiveness. But how can you train them to do this when you sometimes fall short yourself Author, speaker, and Moms in Prayer podcast host Lee Nienhuis offers guidance to every parent seeking to raise Jesus-following kids.

In Counter-Cultural Parenting, she provides tools that will help you… model godly characteristics and biblical values in your own life and home, energize your family to recognize the world’s lies and devote yourselves to truth, entrust your children’s future to God through consistent, powerful prayer.

It’s easy to look at the world and feel overwhelmed, but you don’t need to lose hope. Embrace the calling God has set before you and know that He will empower you to nurture your children’s faith.

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